We believe that change
starts with us.

The decisions we make can have an impact that reaches beyond what we see around us. This is why we aim to consider the life-cycle impact of all our products and ingredients. This is the change we want to see! We do this by creating environmentally sustainable natural products, through our partnerships with other ethical businesses & by embodying our beliefs in all our interactions with our community.

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Pits of Joy recognises that we have a responsibility to you and to our planet. We make products that are fun and you can feel good about using, knowing that they’re made sustainably.Sally HillerFounder

We aim to show that natural products are effective and can be created and offered in a way that is good for you, good for communities and good for the environment. We seek to inspire consumers and businesses towards attitudes and behaviours that are increasingly more sustainable and loving, of the planet and of each other.


Healthy products and a healthy planet

Producing healthy, sustainable products is at the core of what we do, and we’re always looking for new ways to improve our practices and supply chain.

Some of our current initiatives include:

  • A reusable glass jar
  • Product labels made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and printed using soy inks (instead of petroleum)
  • Deodorant refills available at select grocery stores, encouraging reuse of packaging (see Stockists for further details)
  • A jar return program, giving used jars a second or tenth life, and you a discount on your next purchase!
  • A carbon-neutral delivery service used for postage Australia-wide
  • Home-compostable postage satchels
  • 100% renewable energy sources used to power the business
  • Only certified organic ingredients used
  • Wherever possible, ingredients are Fair Trade or Fair for Life
  • 10% of monthly profits donated to environmental organisations or projects actively working to address the climate crisis

Australian Certified Vegan and made with only certified organic ingredients, these effective natural deodorants will keep you odour-free all day

Aspiring to be the change we want to see in the world, Pits of Joy are pots of gold! Our aim is to show that natural products work, and what’s good for you, can be good for communities + good for the environment too.

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